SMS Platform

Switch2 SMS Management Platform

The Switch2 SMS management platform is a complete environment for managing your SMS services. From setting up binds to routing sms and reporting, the platform provides an easy to use interface for quick access and control.

All our platforms work in similar principles. User rights control what users can see and what they are allowed to do. All settings and service configurations are based around the client / supplier and route. Statistics are comprehensive and can be expanded in view, right down to the actual message.

Reports can be stored, downloaded and automaically emailed.

Global or client level pricing can be applied.

Resttrictions can be placed on message flow through white and blacklists and message content

Our SMS platform continues to evolve from client feedback and we constantly add features and services to enhance our systems.

SMS services is a large scope service, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Summary features:-
  • Multi-Protocol Routing

    Our SMS platform supports all forms of SMS access and routing: SMPP <=> SMPP, SMPP <=> HTTP, HTTP <=> HTTP, HTTP <=> SMPP

  • Simple Bind Configuration

    Bind's (sms connections) are easily configured and can be customised to meet the needs of your suppliers and clients.

  • Services and Routing

    Messages can be terminated locally or routed onwards, in any protocol. Example: accept messages in SMPP and forward in HTTP.

  • Realtime Reporting

    All reports are in realtime, no waiting !

  • Traffic Control

    Control message passage through your system, filter and block according to your own rules.