WhoWE are

Switch2 is a specialist telecoms software company. We are experts in the field of telecommunications and produce software management systems for business to build their commercial telecoms companies on.

Our software provides a stable and easy to use platform for the management of SMS, Voice and IPRN traffic. Our systems are in use around the world and operate a wide range of services.

We provide consultancy, custom system design and data phorensics for the investigation of communnication issues and disputes.

A LEADERin Telecoms Systems Managment

The Switch2 management team has over 50 years of experience in Telecoms and software development. Our systems now carry significant volumes of SMS and voice traffic to millions of numbers, globally.


Switch2 understands our customers need for outstanding service and we are 100% committed to our clients' service requirements. We produced our management systems based on years of experience and customer feedback. We continually develop our platforms and add new features, with free software releases every 3 months.


We have recently introduced a customisation service to enable clients to produce a more individual look and feel to their system. We can now consult with client to produce their very own look and feel user interfaces whilst still providing all core function on the proven switch2 services platforms.


We pride ourselves on our confidentially and keeping your privacy. After 6 years, we have grown into the largest independant provider of telecoms software services for one very simple reason; we keep our clients details private. It has always been our policy, not share information about our clients. Your privacy is assured and if you knew who our clients were, you could ask them....


We are a team of specialists, with experise in Telecoms, Systems Design, Development, Databases, SMS Services and Support Systems

The #1 in Telecoms Systems



We could go on about how good our systems are, how many features they have, how we're great to work with, but the best reason is... trust.
Our clients trust us with their business, you can too.


    We can help you setup your new telecoms business with our free NOC service for interconnects and trouble shooting.


    Moving from an existing system ? No problem our systems have built in migration tools, we even give free time to move!


    Switch2 provides a complete management environment for your business. Our platforms come complete with a reseller platform to help grow your business from day 1.


    With our free NOC service and expertise in both SMS and VOICE traffic. We can identify an resolve any issues with your clients and suppliers in the shortest time.


    Each Switch2 system is provided on a dedicated server and IP Address for you. No sharing of bandwidth or resources. Every system is fully scaleable to your changing needs.

  • Integration

    With the API and customer API's you can integrate a Switch2 panel into your existing web sites for seamless integration.